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Car Wrecks & Personal Injury

Truck drivers have a very tough job controlling massive big rigs and hauling up to 40 tons, but they still have a duty to pay attention and maintain control of their vehicles. If you have been a victim of a wreck involving an 18 wheeler, contact us immediately.
We also handle car wrecks and other various types of personal injury. Contact us with questions about your case.

Collision Coverage


Bad Faith Insurance

Victims of fires, storms, broken pipes, and other disasters need their insurance company to assess their claim in good faith and to deal fairly with them so they can get back into their homes and get back to their lives.
Often called “bad faith” insurance, we handle insurance claim disputes for individuals and businesses where their insurance company has wrongfully denied, underpaid, or unreasonably delayed payment on claims.
Our goal is to ensure insurance companies are held accountable when they fail to meet their obligations.
Hurricane Laura claims are just the most recent storm we have tackled. We have handled claims from Rita, Ike, Humberto, Harvey, as well as, fire, tornadoes, hail, busted pipes, fallen trees, and many other types of claims disputes.  Contact us immediately if you have an insurance claim denied, underpaid, or unreasonably delayed.

Tropical Storm


Products Liability, Tainted Drugs & More

We handle cases against big companies that make products that are faulty, flawed, or defective in their manufacture or design. In many cases, we seek compensation for victims because Big Pharma or corporations simply fail to properly warn consumers about potential dangers. “Products Liability” ranges from defective medical devices to tainted drugs to cancer-causing weed-killers, and much more. We have handled claims for tainted or defective drugs like Xarelto, Olmesartan, Valsartan, Irbesartan, Losartan, and more. We have handled cases for Roundup products potentially causing cancer, and medical devices like morcellators that may cause cancer to spread. Call us now if you have been the victim of a defective product, tainted drug, or a failure to warn you of dangers related to a product.

Prescription Drugs


Leases, Contract Disputes, Business Formation & More

As any business owner can tell you, they often need attorneys. We proudly work with many small companies handling business formation, transactional contracts, leases, breaches of contract, and much more. Whether it be transactional or litigation, we are happy to help businesses and business owners who find they need a lawyer.

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Medicaid Crisis Planning

Many elderly people find themselves in a conundrum in their twilight years when they require prolonged medical care or must enter a nursing home. Most people still want to leave money to their children and grandkids. But without Medicaid, many elderly people see their life savings disappear to medical costs in the last years of their lives, and they leave unpaid bills, not money or assets, to their heirs.
We help people legally manage assets so that they can qualify for Medicaid and leave inheritance—not bills—to their love ones when they pass away. Call us now with questions about Medicaid Crisis Planning.

Elder woman and her caretaker


Deceptive Trade Practices

Bait and switch, misrepresentation, failure to disclose, fraud. These are just a few of the deceptive practices prohibited by law. Whether it is buying a car or home, disputing an insurance claim, or anything in between, the law prohibits any false, misleading, or deceptive trade practice against consumers. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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You are likely reading this because life has thrown you a curve ball and left you with a whole lot of frustration. Too many times in my life, I have found myself in your situation, and only after the fact did I realize how different things would have gone had I known then what I know now. But usually it has been too late to change things, and I end up learning my lessons the hard way.

This is part of the reason I became an attorney. I have discovered that hiring a lawyer helps even the playing field. A lawyer can help bring knowledge and competence to the table now before it is too late and help empower you to reach positive outcomes—or at least avoid/mitigate negative ones.

Here at B E Franklin Law Firm, we believe in Advocacy and Excellence. We are committed to advocating for our clients. Our mission is to commit our best effort and to be the best possible attorneys for you. We strive to zealously pursue your claim. We seek to quickly answer your inquiries with clarity and candor. We endeavor to keep your best interest as the guiding force in our pursuits toward resolution.

In short, we seek to treat our clients as we would want to be treated by advocating for them with an excellence of service.


B. Eric Franklin
Attorney at Law

B.A. English & Humanities, Brigham Young University

Master of Liberal Arts--Humanities, St. Edward's University

J.D. South Texas College of Law Houston

Mr. Franklin is licensed in all Texas Courts and the United States Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas.

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Of Counsel

Ms. Elkins has acquired an uncanny skill for writing. Her practice focuses on legal research and writing, commercial transactions, litigation, and appeals.

But her writing is not her only gift--she is also a seasoned litigator and is not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with the other side at trial.

B.A. English, Brigham Young University

J.D. St. Mary's University

Ms. Elkins is licensed to practice in all Texas courts.



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